About Us

About Us

Avaye –Tabiate-Paydar institute is a non –commercial institute registered in Iran in November 2005.

The institute areas of activity are Counselling, Designing, implementing training courses, conducting survey projects in different fields specifically in Biology, natural resources, Geography, tourism related fields, Ecotourism, Designing Environment, making new jobs Local Communities, handicrafts and Designing and Execution of training courses in Environment, Tourism, Ecotourism and Cultural Heritage and so on….

This institute has two main parts:

A: Research and Survey Projects
B: Training

Research and Survey Projects

This institute enjoys a great research team in Environment, Culture, Cultural Heritage, Ecotourism, designing the Environment, handicrafts and making the jobs and so on…It also has a group of instructors and some of them are well-known nationally and internationally in their own fields. Relying on its executive potentials and its trainees, Avaye- Tabiate -Paydar Institute has combined practical experiences with management to make the way for scientific, research-based and superlative projects.

Some of specialized activities are as follows:

Conducting research projects
Conducting executive projects
Conducting Designing and planning projects
Holding Tourism and Ecotourism trainings for training and cultural concepts cultivation
Holding specialized seminars
Publishing brochures, books and other cultural products
Holding specialized exhibitions