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Iran-our mother land –is a vast country with a long history. Iran plateau is a triangle among Persian Gulf in south and Caspian Sea in North. It has been playing the role of a bridge between Central Asia and Western Asia and connects Europe to internal Asian Plains. This land has been always a crossing for different civilizations and because of its specific location and its fertile land it has been the cradle of different tribes and numerous civilizations.
A great number of current Iranians originated from Central Asia plains-Near Siberia-. There are a lot of mythological and ancient figures in Iran honorable history. Iran enjoys great architecture, cultural heritage and superb folklore .All these are of great potential for surveys and studies.

Iran Myths

Iran history is full of glamorous mythological figures. All fables and stories about heroes has been founded the country culture and history. Iranians are close relative to Aryan tribes of India and Zoroastrianism-Iranian old religion before Islam introduction in Iran- is so similar to Vedaie Hindus.
Our present information about Iran ancient religion of Iran comes from Avesta-Zoroastrians religious book that includes a collection of songs and speeches of Zoroaster-the prophet- and some rules and regulation for the people lifestyle.
A great number of Iranian myths has been transferred through generations and forms and preserves Iran spiritual heritage. Shahnameh is a literary master piece is of great role in preserving and revitalizing mythological culture of this territory.
The fights of Gods and Devils and famous stories of Arash, Tahmoureth and Fereidoon have formed the historical foundation of this nation.

Iran History

After Arian Tribes arrival to Iran experienced a lot of events. Arians probably migrated to have access to more fertile lands, better living conditions and pastures from Siberia to low lands and cohabited with local dwellers of Iran, They divided in some groups and settled round the country. Median settled in Hamedan and established the first Arian government in Iran.
Aftermath Achamenian gained more power in Southern of Iran in Fars and founded the world vastest Empire till that time. Great Cyrus the founder of the dynasties considered one of the world history influential and efficient figures. With Alexander the Great invasion to Iran, Iranians experienced a period under the Western world culture dominance. Alexander successors founded Seleucids Empire and ruled over 1oo years in Iran.
. Parthian came from the Northeast and took the throne gradually and their reign lasted about half a century. Finally Sassanid defeated Parthian and did their best to bring back Iran glamour in Achamenian. Doing so, they were not successful.
After introduction of Islam into Iran, It took two centuries for Iranian to form their first independent government. Saffarian,Smanian, Alebouyeh, Khaznavian, Seljuk, Kharazmshahian, Ilkhanid and Teimuridappeared one after the other, Iran changed to the cradle of Islam culture and civilization. Iran introduced a lot of philosophers, scientists and poets to the world and Iranian architects constructed Islamic monuments in magnificent way.After Sheiet stabilizing in Iran by Safavid, Then Afsharid, Zandieh and Qajar took the throne. Iran history is very interesting for all Iranian and foreign scholars and is of potent to be surveyed and investigated.